Monday, February 11, 2008

We're in Germany!

If the truth must be known, Susan, my eldest daughter is posing as me for this post and the last two. She has created this blog while my husband Henry and I were visiting her younger sister Wanda in Germany. Wanda has a blog too...Susan created it as well. Wanda took over the maintenance of her blog and posted about our visit here.

Who am I?

My name is Linda. Above is a photo taken on New Year's Eve in Harmony, Pennsylvania. The photographer was from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. My husband Henry and I were wearing our Austrian loden coats and matching hats for the German New Year's celebration. We bought them in Austria...over the many years in which we've lived there. We started a summer studies program to Salzburg, Austria in 1964. Our youngest daughter Sonya still runs it.

On New Year's Eve, our eldest daughter Susan and her husband Steve were with us. Susan took the photo above.

We live outside Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania on a large tract of land with a ten-acre lake. We feed the birds in the winter...even these turkeys.

This is a view of our log seen from the back.

Here is a picture of our porch with a view to the wintry lake.

Announcing my first blog!

This is my first....and most likely, last....BLOG! It has been created in order to participate in my daughter's upcoming exhibition, CYBER FYBER!