Friday, August 29, 2008


Help, we are being attacked by killer bees! Or at least some kind of bees in our bathroom. No, they are in the window, no, in the eaves - they are everywhere. Actually we have removed them from the eaves and they had a most beautiful home. I will send it to Susan who will "know what to do with it." The ones in the bathroom window are in such a narrow place there will not be any way to get out a big piece.

The mouse in the garage, that ate over a thousand dollars worth of the truck, loves cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. We tried to get him outside to release him but he was too quick for us. So now he is dead.

One of the snakes got caught in the minnow trap. He is also dead.

One of the groundhogs got caught in the trap. Jeff came over and shot him. So he is dead.

We came here to live with and observe the wildlife and now I feel like a murderer, and a traitor besides. I thought we had an understanding with them - people inside, animals outside - but I was wrong.

Soon I will learn how to post pictures.