Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where has the year gone

OK Sonya did get me a digital camera. And I did start taking pictures. But... in a moment of helpfulness they were accidentally erased before I found out how to download them. Soooo.. Once I get over the old phobia of losing something I will start again. I remember taking 13 rolls of pictures in South America and the Galapagos Islands and having them stolen before I got home thus ending my life as a photographer. My other big loss was when my computer crashed when I was trying to back up my genealogy entries and I lost the program and the back up copy thus ending my career as a family researcher. Now I reflect. More later.


Susan said...

You have the CD we burned, don't you!
Please also remember that we don't NEED photographs to READ your blog!


WELCOME BACK! I look forward to future entries!!!

Wanda said...

Now wait just a minute....I might need photos to read the blog. And I don't know about what she writes anyway...after all, we actually have no proof what so ever she was in the Galopogos (like that spelling?), do we now. Hey...I saw an episode of Stargate where they could actually attach this machine to your brain and scan for memories and record them!!! It's sort of like a "brain CD burner". We could try that!!! Hey mom....teasing glad you wrote on your blog!! Now if we could only turn Steve around!!!!